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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why do we prepare?

Being a resident of Florida for almost all of my life, our family has always been preppers of some sort but mostly during the months of June through November. For all of you Floridians, you know this is hurricane season. For those of you who haven’t read our other blog Challenged Survival, we are caretakers of our son who was injured while on active duty in the Marine Corps almost 14 years ago. He requires 24/7 care so we have to be a little more prepared than most. We went through the Y2K scare when we thought all kinds of crazy things may happen and our first thought was to prepare for our son. If we had kept that mentality we would be far ahead of the game now. January 1, 2000 came and went, we relaxed and the world continued to turn and then we had 911. We grew a little afraid of another terrorist attack and tried to get a little more prepared. A few months went by again, we relaxed and continued to be good citizens and listened to our government and tried to believe their promises.

Like many of the sheeple….what a wake- up call we have gotten this past year! Our journey for preparing really began when we were looking for alternative energy to heat our greenhouse. When I would do a search on the internet, I kept coming up with all of these survival blogs talking about prepping and what to do when TSHTF. I started reading and digging. We knew things were getting steadily worse but we didn’t know how badly. We happily watched the Six o’clock news, occasionally CNN and believed what the smiling news faces told us. Could things really be this bad? You better believe it is. When the federal government started pouring money into the private sector (at the tax payers expense) we knew this was the beginning of the end. Talking about feeling helpless….who do you turn to? What can you do? When you have a government that does everything but listen to the people? I read and then I read some more. What it all boils down to is our patriotism, our liberty and how it is being destroyed on a daily basis. Most citizens of the United States don’t know a thing about our Constitution. If you were to ask them what is in the Constitution a few can tell you there is freedom of speech and the right to bear arms…that’s it. People, If you don’t have the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence look it up the on the web, read its words. You will see how we have already lost almost all of our rights. If we as patriots don’t fight for our liberty and get our voice back, who will? Almost the entire world hates the United States. If our government turns on us, WE THE PEOPLE, who will come to our defense? You can get a free pocket size copy of The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution from Heritage Foundation.

I believe we are about to see one of the largest governments in history and that in itself is going to start a civil unrest that you can’t imagine. This president and his new cabinet are going to be dangerous, unsafe and too radically revolutionary for the America I know and love.

This is why our family is preparing. This is why you should be preparing. For all disasters….. be it natural or manmade.


PS...tomorrow we will begin discussing our preparations


Joel the K said...

Amen Brenda. Thanks for the pocket sized copy of our Constitution of the United States of America. Well, you know, thanks for directing me to the link. I am going there next. God be with us. I hear the call to preps!

Mamma Bear said...

You are very welcome Joel. I think it is very important that everyone reads it and knows it. If one does not know their rights, one cannot stand up for them.

Kymber said...

as a veteran of the Canadian Forces (served 10 years!), KUDOS to your brave son and KUDOS to a family who is thinking of that son who gave of himself so selflessly. my prayers go out to him and your family!

THIS is definitely a place that i will be directing my Canadian friends! the FPN is one that i will be coming back to often!

thank you Brenda...and please pass on my great thanks and appreciation to your son!


erniesjourney said...

Great post Brenda. Prayers for your son - know what you feel there slightly - my hubster is a wounded veteran, but does not require 24 hour care (other than being a big baby wanting his hand held all the time LOL> He fought and did much for his country, for our freedoms that are being taken away at an alarming rate. I started prepping while he was in Iraq because I saw how fast it all was deteriorating and felt compelled to protect the family. Here we are - making great friends of like-minds. Welcome!
God Bless and Prep On

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