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Sunday, March 15, 2009

National FLood Awareness Week

Living here in Florida, we see flooding perhaps a bit more than most folks. Though I'm not a huge fan of FEMA (I think they fall short in their preparation recommendations), they and NOAA have teamed up for National Flood Awareness Week (15-21 March). The information on their site does have good information for the uneducated or those just moving into a flood prone area as well as during and post flood info. Give it a look and double check your plan...we all sometimes miss a small detail that could have a big impact.


Be smart and stay safe!

-Papa Swamp

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Keep Prepping and good luck to all

I have decided to step down from the Florida Prepper Blog. I will continue reading and commenting as long as possible to whomever Tom chooses to take over and I wish them much success.

I wish I could make everyone who is reading this realize how important it is to get your food and emergency supplies for your family ready. Even our local churches are quietly telling it's members to prepare for the very least 30 days.

There is such a large calamity that is coming and most people of like minds think it is going to happen soon. If you are lacking in the Bible reading department, I pray you start. Everything that is happening is all part of God's plan and we are going to be tested as never before. If you keep your faith, God has promised He will protect his people. I am believing with all my heart that God's people will have that Perfect Peace that He has promised us in the face of all trials. We just have to pray for the wisdom to know what to do.

I am keeping my personal blog Challenged Survival up and running and I hope you will stop by and visit sometimes.

Love and Peace to all of our Patriotic Preppers,

Mamma Bear
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