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Sunday, March 15, 2009

National FLood Awareness Week

Living here in Florida, we see flooding perhaps a bit more than most folks. Though I'm not a huge fan of FEMA (I think they fall short in their preparation recommendations), they and NOAA have teamed up for National Flood Awareness Week (15-21 March). The information on their site does have good information for the uneducated or those just moving into a flood prone area as well as during and post flood info. Give it a look and double check your plan...we all sometimes miss a small detail that could have a big impact.


Be smart and stay safe!

-Papa Swamp


Kymber said...

Thanks for posting this great info Papa Swamp! Even though I am up in Ottawa, Canada - you probably know very well how many Snowbirds from Canada visit your state yearly and they will truly appreciate this info! I will be sending readers here as well as checking back often myself!
Thanks again!

rridgeoutlaw said...

I will be dropping in to see what Florida is doing. Good to have ya around.

Humble wife said...

I live in the heart of the desert and Hurricane Dolly impacted our farm, and we had substantial flooding on the low areas and learned what we need to prepare for in the future. We must all be vigilant and wise.

I look forward to more tips on Florida and how you are prepping. Thank you.

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