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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tropical Wave (almost)...new mod.

Good Morning all!

An area of disturbed weather has kicked off the African coast in our direction. Though it has little chance of developing (19-25% chance) it should be watched. Next NHC update will be at 2pm. If it shows increased development I'll post an update.

I'm a new Moderator for the Florida group. Please let me know in comments or direct message any articles or information you are looking for and I will see what I can come up with.

Stay cool out there!

-Papa Swamp


American Prepper said...

Welcome Papa Swamp

charles said...

I am interested in hearing about survival in large urban areas for those of us who still have jobs or businesses that are not portable. What are others doing to prepare for such events like grid down or bank holidays. It is difficult for urban dwellers to store a huge amount of gasoline
without drawing attention plus where do you store it when its 95 degrees out. I have taken steps to prepare for the future but as the future approaches it is more difficult to sustain the preparations because of the state of the economy. I just had to spend over 600 dollars on new tires ouch.

Kymber said...

A Big Canadian Welcome to you Papa Swamp - we are soo happy to have you on board and looking forward to all of your future articles!

Papa Swamp said...

Hey AP and Kymber..thanks for the welcome....charles..I will work on your question and will probably be a multi- blog answer. I am a suburban prepper with one of the largest (per square mile) just to my north (Jacksonville). Due to kids as well as my folks, I'm not tremendously mobile. Frankly if you aren't already at your 'retreat' you probably aren't getting there very quickly. I'm a big fan of bugging in.

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