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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Strange News....Update

Google map with dieoffs

I'm sure some of you have heard the reports of dead blackbirds falling from the sky in Arkansas. Now reports of similar event in Louisiana.

Could the decline of the honey bee and now the bumble bee have been a warning? Massive die offs aren't unusual except when cross species occurs such as birds and fish. The planet has experienced mass cross species die offs, but usually they are theorized to occur with a massive global disaster.....is it not quite that obvious? This is the question that is beginning to nag in the back of my mind.

Reports on facebook from an ANTS member of dead black bird in Mississippi. This may be just an isolated incident, but it appears whatever 'it' is may be moving south and east.

Remember never touch dead birds. If you find several dead birds please report them to FWC. This can be done via their online form.

Now a report on declining bats.


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