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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Heirloom Vegetables, Sustainment Gardening and You

I've posted a link at my "Ewe Remembered" blogspot site about my Heirloom Vegetable garden. This year, I've gone all organic, and all heirloom. Upon inspection yesterday, I found that caterpillars had invaded my heirloom tomatoes, so a little 'net research later, and this morning, I sprayed my plants with a concoction of water, dishwashing liquid, and cayenne pepper. I've a link on the left hand side of my weblog to a site dedicated to providing Heirloom seeds and seed stock; both of which are important considerations to any serious prepper and self-sustainment preparations, because unlike Hybrid seeds and their resulting seed stock, heirlooms are MEANT to produce valid germinable seeds every year. Hybrid, and/or genetically 'enhanced' seedstock and plants do not germinate/propogate very well, at least, not as well as Heirloom seeds/seedlings because of their genetic alternation. If you're serious about prepping, NOW is the time to consider growing your own "Sustainment Garden". Take a look at my sustainment blog for pictures of how well my own sustainment garden is growning. In addition, I've rebuffed the mainstream, and have started an
Asparagus Patch as well, which contrary to internet opinion, is doing very well...



Humble wife said...

Great tip! I am marking this down for sure. I learned last year to use a vinegar mist on weeds and that will kill them...so true! The natural tips work with some due diligence!

jne0493 said...

Thanks Humble wife. The concoction seems to be working. I remember growing up in Kentucky, we had an 'at the time' local gardner on TV, Fred Wiche I think, who espoused the benefits, to include the thriftiness, of making your own garden remedies. All natural, economical, and environmentally friendly, it just seems like the right thing to do.


Lisa B. said...

What's the recipe for the dish liquid spray for the tomatoes? Would love to have this on hand.

Anonymous said...

Great quick tip!

American Prepper said...

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earle said...

The asparagus will do well. I have grown it in cf for many years. It doesn't die back so use the lawn mower. Do different rows at different times to extend the harvest.

CherB said...

I love your enthusiasm for gardening and learning the enjoyment of doing for ones self. I have a Plantcycle group in Florida and you are welcome to post an article and a link to your preppers network so my members will have yet another link with their "neighbors" in Florida that love gardening and seed trading.

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