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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Earthquakes Amer Somoa + Indonesia Update

UPDATE Increased activity in US:

I'm posting this before it is finished due to the sudden tectonic spike in activity.
USGS Earthquake Center
Tsunami Warning center
USGS Volcanic Center

Update: While writing this another huge earthquake has occurred north of Australia.

No fewer than 47 earthquake have occured in the area near American Samoa Islands in the Pacific in less than 48 hours. One was 8.0 on the Richter scale, generating a tsunami and numerous warnings. This certainly poses no threat to Florida...or does it? Is this the prelude to something larger or merely 'normal' adjustment of tectonic plates?

About 75,000 yrs ago Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra erupted at a Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 8 (mega colossal), plunging the majority of the planet into a volcanic winter and eradicating some 60% of the human population. Today's earthquakes sit on the edge of one of 4 large igneous provinces, the Ontong Java Plateau. This area connects a string of volcanos, both above and below surface of the ocean.
Is the earth signaling an uptick in tectonic and possibly volcanic activity?

More importantly to Floridians...if a massive volcanic eruption occurs, what impact will it have on food supplies?

1 comment:

Bellen said...

I, too, have wondered about the, what seems to me, enormous earthquake activity in one area.

I used to notice that with one earthquake came usually 2 others spaced about 1/3 around the world (making 3 almost equidistant around the globe). That seems to have changed.

Our canned food supply is probably at some risk as much of our food, even here in Florida, is imported from Indonesia, China. Weather wise, for growing, earthquakes may be a 'warning' that we will have volcano eruptions that could change our weather - clouds of ash blocking sun, ash falling on the ground changing the soil.

In any case, we're watching, prepping and growing as much as we can.

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