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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Water collection...suburbia style.

This really applies to any large surface area that is exposed to the elements. I purchased these 60 gal rain barrels off e-bay to collect rain water because it drives me batty to run my sprinkler system. Since I have begun suburban guerilla gardening (due to homeowners association not allowing gardening (there is madness for you)) I wanted to be able to water my garden without paying for the water.

So $120 dollars and 20 minutes worth of work later I increased my water holding capacity by 120 gallons. Now I know you amazing geniuses out there can probably make your own barrels for much less....but I'm not that skilled...yet. I plan on getting 2 more this fall. They come with a screen to keep the bugs out and multiple spigot outlets....simply an awesome little addition to become just a bit less dependent.
NOTE: Though it is rainwater, the collected water still needs to go through a filtration system such as a Berkley if to be used as a back-up drinking supply.

Resource for rain water collection sites.

1 comment:

Aloha2U said...

Thanks PAPA SWAMP, Great info and an endless supply might I add.

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