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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

as Mayberry and Pickdog says.....

New Hampshire Rocks!
Now if only all states would follow......

Read the Blog here


American Prepper said...

I would suggest everyone mail a copy of the New Hampshire bill to their state congressmen and governors to follow the example. Call in to your "state" representatives and congressmen (Not the U.S. congress) Normally, if you live in a small district you can get a hold of them. If they are patriotic then they will try to adopt the same bill in their state.

Anonymous said...

5 other states are enacting similar measures. I've already e-mailed my Florida state Rep and Senator.


Wash St:



Now Oklahoma!!!

Mamma Bear said...

Hi Old Man.... I hope everyone will follow you and mail our representatives and senators. I am hoping and praying our squeaky wheel will get the oil! Let me know if you are interested in helping out with this Florida Blog.

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