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Monday, February 16, 2009

Dried Beans and Peas in your Preps

Dried Beans in your stored food will provide a great variety in your menu. Did you know there is even recipes to use them in pies and cakes? There are many types of dried beans and usually one recipe can be substituted for another. A simple dried bean meal is easily prepared and will give you a good warm comfort meal that is very filling especially if you make a pan of cornbread to go with your pot of beans or peas. A very simple way to prepare the beans is on every package. Here in the south we add chunks of ham in some form for seasoning. If you get to the point where you don't have meat for seasoning, plan to add Goya Ham Flavored Concentrate to your food stores. You can find this in the spice section or the Kosher food section of your grocery store. I think there is 10 packages in one box and 1 package will act as your ham seasoning to your beans or peas and a box of this seasoning is between $1.00 and $2.00.

One pound of dried beans or peas will usually equal out to 3 pounds of prepared food so you can easily see how your dollar can be stretched. In our grocery stores, most of these dried beans and peas are on the average about $1.00 a package. If you have access to a Sam's Club, a 25 pound bag of Pinto beans is under $15.00 which will give you 75 pounds of prepared food. That's a lot of bang for your buck! If you plan on growing your Patriot Garden this year, simply allow a section of the beans on your plants to dry and you can store your own.

One of the things I can't stress enough is to learn how to cook if you don't know how. Beans are an easy way to start. Follow the recipe, once the water in the beans is boiling turn your heat down and let them simmer. Keep them stirred and if the water is cooking out, add more hot water a little at a time until the beans or peas or tender.

Beans and Peas are also an excellent item for outdoor cooking on a fire or camp stove. The following are links to recipes. You are sure to find a few that you and your family will love.

Southern Cooking Pinto Beans

Dried Bean Recipes

Pinto Beans Recipes

Dutch Oven Recipe for Outdoor Cooking

Mamma Bear

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