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Monday, February 2, 2009

Don't forget to mail your tea bags today!

I have a stack of envelopes with tea bags ready to go out in today's mail. They are being mailed to the president, our governor, senators and representatives. I copied a couple of news articles and enclosed them in some. They all are getting the following letter. I wanted to write more but I figured their attention span isn't too long as they never seem to listen to us!

February 1, 2009

Enclosed is a tea bag in protest of our out of control government spending. If our representatives allow this to go on, my great grandchildren are going to be paying for the government I helped elect pay for the mistakes. Is progress the nationalization of the banking system, the education system or the manufacturing sector? I and many other Americans see this as either goals or partial goals of the current administration. Why can’t all of our representatives see this stimulus bill as all pork with very few beneficiaries for the American people? What is wrong with cutting government and tightening your belts to see the United States through this crisis. We the people did not create this mess. The government did. Our fault lies where we the people did not stand together and tell you as one voice NO MORE!

We the people require our government to act in the long term interest of our country and to fulfill your oath to uphold the Constitution. Many of you in our government do not want to UPHOLD the Constitution, you want to REVISE it to fit your own personal agenda.

I ask you to do the right thing and keep we the people in mind as you stand for us in government.


American Prepper said...

Got mine out, thanks mamma bear!

Rhino said...

Fantastic letter,I hope you don't mine me sending it to my reps. great job


ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom said...

Thanks. Mine are going out tomorrow.

Mamma Bear said...

Glad to put up a reminder. Please feel free to copy the letter.

Patrick said...

Great letter. You mention we the people in it so I thought I qould suggest you vist we-the-people-usa.com web site.

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