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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Mayberry posted a link on his blog to a great article. We are feeling a little revolutionary. How about you? Here's a little paragraph to wet your whistle....... and now for my disclaimer....for entertainment purposes only......

One of these days a truly charismatic individual is going to walk out of the heartland of America and point out that the Declaration of Independence has never been repealed and that it *requires* all citizens to rise up against an oppressive government. With the current attitude toward our government and the people who populate it, a massive groundswell of support for throwing the current crop to the dogs and starting over again might not be so difficult. Read the entire article here

I was totally shocked to see it was written in 1994. If we had only known then, what we know now!

Mamma Bear

1 comment:

jne0493 said...

What a great read, thanks for the reference, it is odd to take words from history, and see how well they apply today. If more people would take the time to read the Declaration of Independance and our Constititution, I think more of the masses would be less appalled at the strong belief some people have about the rights and duties of citizens.


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