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Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts on Prepping...

In my daily grind of surfing the web, I revisited Wretha's Off-Grid blog, and she had some pretty insightful (read stinging) words on when and what to prep for, which essentially is any thing, at any time, but start NOW. It's like insurance, you can't buy it after the accident, and that's what prepping is all about, planning before TSHTF. There is A LOT of information about the doomsday looming out there, everything from Fire and Brimstone, to the aliens, and government oppression, and the full gamut of scenarios in between, including fire, famine, disease, and the like. There are gun-toters, passivists, alarmists, extremists, hippies, peaceniks, vegans, vegetarians. The challenge for each of us though, is to give serious thought and insight in to what prepping for ourselves and our loved ones really means. I've a vision of chaos in the streets, long(er) lines in the unemployment and welfare offices, soup kitchens, pan-handlers, etc. But I get the greatest comfort from hearing stories from the great depression for those who lived through it and didn't know that there was a depression. Not the 'So poor that we couldn't tell' things that make great lyrics, but the sincere, we lived a simple life, and for us, things never changed. I suppose it's alarming to listen to NPR's take on how to survive the second Great Depression.

I'm not sure how 'Deep In The Woods' readers here want to get about the reasons and need to prep for whatever emergencies might come up, so comments are extremely welcome, as indicators of topics to cover, from tje need to grow your own "Heirloom Vegatables" to cleaning your 9mm. Self-Sufficiency and sustainability should be a goal for everyone, but then again, not everyone is wired quite the same. What makes perfect sense to you and I, might be completely foreign to someone who seldom steps on grass.

As this Florida Prepper Network is just starting, I think it would be nice if those visiting this site gave an indication of how they came to the site, what they were looking for, and what information they'd like to see posted here.



Albert A Rasch said...

Howdy Ewe,

I was playing follower follow, you know how to play right? You go to the followers section click on a person, look over their blog, then click on one of their followers, lather, rinse, repeat!

I have found it to be a good way to bump into fascinating blogs, in areas that one might not be aware of.

This is a great blog, with great ideas, and a great asset to those wanting to be better prepared for any eventuality. As prepared as I am, mostly mentally, there are dozens of things I have found here that I hadn't even thought of. Many that I will put into action.

Albert A Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
Proud Member of Outdoor Bloggers Summit
Southeast Regional OBS Coordinator

jne0493 said...


I know the game well, it has eaten up more than a few hours of my time. I find it fascinating to jump from one to the other, and get the different perspectives. Something I learned years ago that I constantly repeat to myself when reading other blogs is "My perception IS my reality", and it's the same with all those bloggers. I may find their ideas, theories, and suggestions a bit off, but it's their perception, and therefore, what they really believe, which I find FASCINATING. Thanks for the comment.


rridgeoutlaw said...

Good evening, I have the georgia section. I browsed around to see what the States close to me were doing. I liked what I have read in your posts, mainly I am looking for those I can count on when TSHTF. After listening to Obamasan explain his spending bill, I am believing the time is coming where we will need each other. As for People believing in the same things we do, its up to them. I feel that all we can do is put the info up for them to decide their own fates. I,personally, don't want to be stuck in some Fema camp expecting uncle sugar to decide my fate. Keep up the good work you're doing. The sheep have to drink at some point.

Bullseye said...

Ewe, I really enjoy all your posts and I am very happy to see that you are sharing your experience with all the readers of this blog. You are and will be a valuable contributor to the network. Good job Cuz.

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