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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cayenne Pepper in your first aid kit

There are a lot of links for uses of Cayenne Pepper. Google it to find your favorite, here is one with a lot of info that I like. The only kind of Cayenne I have is the big container I purchased from Sam's. This article says that the ones in the grocery will be irradiated and not as useful so plan to grow your own, let it dry and then crush it to powder form. You can also get the good stuff in vitamin shops or on-line.

Although mine came from the grocery, I had the unfortunate opportunity to see how it worked. A few weeks ago I was cutting some fronds off of one of the Pindo Palm trees. They have a vicious saw tooth edge. I was cutting one above my head and before I could step out of the way, it crashed down and split the entire back of my ear open all the way down to the lobe which was split pretty bad. After the big guy cleaned it off with a clean towel, I had him to sprinkle the Cayenne powder on it. I stopped bleeding at once and the pepper only stung the first few seconds of applying. The cut healed up pretty quick with no sign of infection. I am now using it mixed with warm water to see if I can control my high blood pressure. Not exactly pleasant to swallow down but it is tolerable.

Mamma Bear

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